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Toastmaster PAV
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About Toastmaster PAV

PAV, has officiated at innumerable events both in this country and abroad, graced by Royalty (including some within the royal palaces), Ambassadors, Politicians, Civic Leaders, Show Business and Sports Personalities.

He has been featured on many types of media, including ITV and BBC television and radio.

PAVs' height and stature ensure a controlled dignity and smooth running of any event, without any intimidation or danger of being a dominant toastmaster.

He prides himself on his attention to detail and always endeavours to ensure that any function he officiates at, results in the perfect day.


Toastmaster PAV

Alexander Michaels is known, on the banqueting circuit, as 'PAV' (Pavarotti)..

Pav is an active and committed member of The National Association of Toastmasters. He is a Fellow and a Past President.

Why Choose PAV ?  

  1. Provides advice and assistance before and during the event.
  2. Places his experience at the disposal of the organiser.
  3. Brings a certain style to any occasion.
  4. Presents a smart, reliable and thoroughly professional service.
  5. Remains at all times calm and controlled.
  6. Not as expensive as you might think.
PAV with Alistair Cooke
PAV with Bradley Walsh and Bobby Davro
PAV with Jeremy Clarksonv

PAV with Fiona Bruce

Alistair Cooke

"Thank you Pav for making our Ashes
winning celebration."

Bradley Walsh & Bobby Davro

"We make a great trio!”

Jeremy Clarkson

"Top bloke Pav.”

Fiona Bruce

“A true professional thank you for
all your hard work.”


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